15 December 2010

Suzhou - Yipu Yuan (Garden of Cultivation) 蘇州 - 藝圃園

Small and simple, this artistic Ming garden may be missed by many who visit Suzhou.  There is an elegance in the garden's simplicity, and the elimination of unnecessary details has a much more modern ambience than some of the later gardens.

A good explanation of the garden layout HERE:
The Garden of Cultivation is a small scale garden with artistic characteristics of the Ming dynasty. The entire garden's layout is plain and open, with a natural and simple style; not overly elaborate and affected. Its artistic value is much higher than Later Qing gardens. The layout of mountains and waters, pavilions, terraces and buildings, as well as the detailed arrangement of a single rock and a single tree express simple, unsophisticated and elegant attributes. A method of condensation is used to express the garden construction's basic theory and concepts.

What I found the most fascinating, and the most distinguishable character of Yipu, is its entry sequence.  The unusual proportion of the access way giving the sense of mystery and curiosity, is very sophisticatedly minimal.

this garden pavilion is of a very old structure system - I am observing a balancing, see-saw kind of force arrangement. Any insight is welcomed!

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