10 June 2013

Face Value

Interesting coverage by Indesign magazine Issue 53....

We were seated alongside other designers for a photoshoot, I mean, us (humans) rather than our projects (architecture).
These days, images of designers are becoming more and more important, designers (as humans) need to be more recognisable.  Every project we take on are journeys of faith between the designers and the clients, being recognisable sometimes provide clients with more confidence...
Before we proceed onto the projects, we often found that we need to find common ground with clients in our values, thinkings, morales and philosophies.. i.e. as humans, as "comrades"in the project.

Anyhow, it was certainly an interesting experience to be covered by press as humans!

from left to right: Chris Hardy, Alex Ritchie, Olivia Shih (me) (Facet Studio) and Yoshihito Kashiwagi (Facet Studio)
close up of the right page...
Cover of Indesign Issue 53

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