26 July 2013

Are you watching Facet Studio?

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Facet Studio is "One to Watch" in this issue of Architectural Review Asia Pacific - AR130 Winter 2013.

Check it out at all good newsagents!


cover of AR130

19 July 2013

Teatime at Facet Studio - Toraya とらや

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Downside of having international projects... is the traveling between seasons... good that most of the time it is Yoshi doing the flying around, and we benefit from the result - yummy desserts for tea in the office!

Having mentioned Kyoto's Toraya in the last blog entry, I felt it is suitable to start this new series of blog entries on "Teatime at Facet Studio" with the confectionery artists serving the Japan Royal Family since the 16th Century.

Toraya 虎屋 strictly follows the tradition of wagashi (Japanese dessert), in the "Art of the Five Senses" - Appearance, Taste, Texture, Scent, Sound. Every piece of wagashi is a piece of artwork.

What is important to us is, enjoy all aspects of life.... when we enjoy our teatime, we enjoy all aspects of the dessert too.

traditional Toraya packaging

Season Special "Kaze no Kaori"
季節の羊羹 ”風の薫”
it was inspired by the summer wind which brings the smell of grass in the sun and the glittering crops in the wind 

Season Special "Hina Goromo"
季節の羊羹 ”雛衣”

It was inspired by the beautiful dresses of the ladies in the royal family, each layer is a different flavour

This is a young me looking at a young Yoshi muscling with the jumbo youkan
The Toraya staple: Yoru no Ume 夜の梅

5 July 2013

One day at Osaka

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Starting from end of May, series of meetings has commenced with Doshisha University at Kyoto to work through the competition scheme.

Our aim is for Doshisha University to host their Christmas Party for 2014 at their new chapel..... argh don't we all love challenges!
Anyhow, Yoshi has been flying between Sydney and Osaka frequently, and I flew over to Osaka for 2 days to work on the scheme and to join the first official meeting with the user committee at beginning of June.

This is how my day went....

Good Morning Osaka!
caught train to go to work at our office at Mukonoso....
Had to get a freshly grilled Taiyaki at Mukonoso station to munch on..
the filling was red bean, it was very nice
This is our office
Time flies when you are having fun!
Soon it was lunch time, and we had super yummy hamburger
Worked some more, and it was time to go to Kyoto
We wanted to have tea at Kyoto's famous Toraya before meeting with Doshisha, but didn't make it in time for last order.
But we managed to spend time in the space designed by Hiroshi Naito (that was the main point anyway) ... very calming and delicate
But of course I need to bring back some Toraya Youkan (sweets for tea) for the Sydney office
Upon arrival at Doshisha, immediately we were served dinner (!)....
Having dinner at a formal meeting (not casual meeting at dinner..), well that was a first!
In case anyone is curious, it tasted as good as it looked but unfortunately we were more focused on the meeting!
I was the only "non-Japanese", one of the only 2 females present at meeting and the youngest attending.... ok it could have been a little strange but I don't think it mattered.

To find out more about the Doshisha Chapel Complex project.... click HERE

(ps. do not doubt yourself..... this is not a food blog..... )