20 November 2014

Day 67 - Almost There

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Heading towards the last day of Meudon construction tomorrow.

framed good-old-time...

"new" held within "old"

a view to be remembered

9 November 2014

Another new start!

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Before Meudon has completely finished, we have to make a start on another site last week.

It was a 4am start, in order to minimise any disturbance to neighbours.  
We were starting on building the mezzanine structure to the soon-to-be restaurant first.
Because almost all the intertenancy walls are not structural, the mezzanine is cantilevered on all sides from concrete columns with some help of couple of new steel columns.  As the result the steel members are rather oversized, very heavy to transport indeed.

By end of Day 1, we had most of the mezzanine bones up - hooray~~!



surveying the mezzanine height...

end of Day 1 - someone said it looks like a movie set; I guess it does!!

 one of the complicated steel junctions at top of the stair

5 November 2014

Day 51 - Cheerfulness

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Jumping over quite a few hurdles here we have arrived at Day 51 of Meudon site.
There is a silent cheerfulness in the air now that construction dusts have all settled at last, light and air freely circulate in the spacious apartment, finally the space is taking the shape of what we have originally imagined.

This is probably one of those exciting moments of all things - almost there but not quite, full of anticipation and hope.. of course this excitement is only to be surpassed by the even-more-exciting project completion!


4 November 2014

Sydney Architecture Festival - "Behind the Lens" Exhibition

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Sydney Architecture Festival is on!

On the weekend it was Sydney Open, with 50+ Sydney's best loved buildings opening their doors for people.  During these 2 weeks there are numerous architectural talks, exhibitions, activities for anyone and everyone interested in architecture.

I went to see the "Behind the Lens" photographic exhibition.  Our work Sneakerology was included in the exhibition by photographer Katherine Lu. Beautiful photography works of Opera House, Apple Store, Sydney architecture / cityscape and more are also on exhibition by 5 of the Sydney architectural photographers.

"Behind the Lens" is on at The Rocks Pop Up until NOV 10, don't miss out!

The Rocks Pop Up


Sneakerology spotted!