21 January 2014

M House on I Like Architecture

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M House is published on I Like Architecture!

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I Like Architecture is the architecture blog that showcases unique contemporary designs, projects and concepts to those searching for architecture and design inspiration.

17 January 2014

Teatime at Facet Studio - Shotani ショウタニ

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Our Osaka office is suitably located close by a famous cake shop, Shotani. So yes, we did enjoy many quality, blog-worthy afternoon tea treats.

Shotani was established in 1995, currently has 7 shops, all in the Kansai region - the food region!

The founder Mr Shotani states:
"There are lives residing in the common dessert.
I may be a clumsy individual, but I am serious about bringing life to the desserts.
Then I want to continue on making desserts that bring smiles to people's faces"

A simple wish can be powerful... I am constantly inspired.

The desserts are delicately flavored and beautifully presented, with a sense of fusion between tradition and modern.

14 January 2014

Facet Studio turned 5

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In the middle of the Doshisha rush, I almost forgot about an important milestone..

Facet Studio has turned 5 years old in December 2013!

We celebrated in Osaka together with Doshisha wrap-up party, for a little お疲れ様!("well done it has been tough!") and a little 頑張りましょう!("let's power on!")
In our 6th year, we are onto something more wonderful, more powerful, and more touching.

Thank you all.


12 January 2014

Photographing Eki

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Today we photographed Eki.

It was completed just before I took off to Japan to join the team for Doshisha in November... Just made it in time.

It is a strange feeling to photograph a project, like making a mental note that the project is in fact, completed.

Looking forward to seeing the finished photos.

8 January 2014

Higasa lamp on Designboom!

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Our project Higasa lamp has been published on Designboom!

I have to make a special mention about the opening sentence:
The umbrella is a portable shelter
I like how it is straight to the point and pretty much summarises a large portion of the design intent.  Because it is a peculiar kind of thing to do, hanging umbrellas indoor where it does not rain.  But there are qualities of an umbrella - one made with Washi paper, and huge - which is beyond weather protection, which is what attracted and inspired us.  The sense of protection, light filtering quality of the material, delicacy of the structure, intimacy between individuals when sharing an umbrella... these are irrelevant of good or bad weather.

The umbrella strangely shares what "space-making" characteristic with the warmth of light; by combining the two, pockets of spaces are created instantly.  The combined coziness has a magical, calming effect on people.

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founded in 1999, designboom is the world’s first and most popular digital architecture and design magazine.
TIME magazine chose designboom as one of the top 100 design influencers in the world, one of just eight online publications to be so named. in 2011, the french magazine architectural digest called designboom one of the top ‘les 100 qui comptent’ (‘people who count‘) in the design world… from the forefront of contemporary culture and global lifestyle. 

6 January 2014

Packaging up Doshisha

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Doshisha is finally going in for tender this week, hooray!

While we were in Osaka, the tender package was largely completed, left with some minor refinements further from discussions with Doshisha University committee...
Here are some snapshots of the last day the Sydney team spent in Osaka office.

meeting after meetings during the day...

dinner feast... THE best thing about Japan (or Osaka) is that quality food is easily obtainable at reasonable price.   All these were bought from local supermarket at something like AUD$1.50-$4.00/ dish (including fresh sashimi).  This feast is for 3 people.  Even ordering bento delivery is as low as AUD $4.00....
Sydney feels so expensive (my breakfast today cost AUD$8.00 which is a muffin + a coffee).... 

drawing sets ready for Doshisha University committee review
We ended up with some70-80 A1 drawings, these are A3 reductions....blood sweat tears for sure.

ongoing material sample palette (yes it is very controlled, very FS-like, hohoho~)

my seat in front of the pinboard with WIP 1:1 details and facade module studies and more...

Yoshi tirelessly working away (working off adrenaline at that point in time..)

....and this is sunrise by the time we left the office...just in time for the morning rush hour, except we were travelling in opposite direction to head back to hotel to take shower.
special note on the beautiful Rietveld's Red and Blue Chair to the right of photo....love that chair and miss sitting on it enjoying the bargain feast from local supermarket!  Ahh little things in life...