22 December 2011

Seasons Greetings

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2011 has been an extremely special year for us..
With a little nervousness, we are stepping into 2012 with loads of excitement!

We wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday.

xx Facet Studio

15 December 2011

Happy Birthday Facet Studio!

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Today is Facet Studio's 3rd birthday!

Tofu and Sesame cake to celebrate .. how so Asian of us!

returning from the office birthday lunch in our work-hood, we chanced upon the giant Snowman existing from nearby shop

Yoshi: "Hello giant Snowman! Take care not to melt in Sydney's Summer Christmas!"

Happy Birthday!
As Yoshi is flying off to monitor a construction site in Tokyo tomorrow, the official birthday party (if we eventually get around to organising it) will need to wait until his return..... in the mean time, we will push the Sydney jobs forward!

9 December 2011

Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) Gala Party

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Further from the last post on IDEA Awards, here is a bit more detail on the Gala Party.

Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) promotes and rewards recent work in interior design and product design in Australia.  This year has been the biggest yet with over 400 submissions across all categories.  
It is one of the most noted annual award program in Australia.  The award ceremony took place at Ivy Sydney last year (2010), and ACCA Melbourne this year (2011).  Names of the winners were kept secrete until announcement at the Gala Party, although the shortlisted submissions were published in (inside) Magazine since August.  We flew down to Melbourne with two shortlists - Emerging Designer and Retail Design: Sneakerology/ Streetology - and were excited to be awarded Winner for the Retail Category!

People attending the Gala Party have all dressed up beautifully for the event, and arrived early for a glass of champaign before the actual ceremony.  I think we were the only Asians attending.

There were all these "mannequins" standing on poles while we entered the theatre for Award Ceremony..... then they started spinning as if there was no such thing as gravity! (ok by then I realised they were real people...) Not sure about the theme of this performance, but hey, it did a great job in hyping up the atmosphere!

The ticket was $145 per head, and was completely sold out with approximately 500 people attending.  It was quite spectacular.

When the ceremony reached the peak, it was announced: "Winner for Retail Category is.....Sneakerology/ Streetology by Facet Studio!!"
We were so excited, shook hands with people sat around us and headed towards the stage... which was quite far from where we sat..... and I had to noticed that Yoshi was too excited and forgot to put down the beer bottle he was holding the entire time..... which followed us up the stage, went to photoshoot for the Winners behind the stage (the photo on the top) and back to our seat.
I think we were too nervous that Yoshi had forgotten how to smile and luckily I barely remembered...

Although the trophy is physically quite light, to us, it is as heavy as gold.

To find out more on Sneakerology/ Streetology, check out our website:

Sneaky Peak

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I have many magazines I like... Frame is definitely one of them... so I was super excited when our project was included in this issue of Frame magazine!

Check out the Nov/ Dec issue!