23 May 2011


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Admittedly I have been too carried away with site(s) in Sydney lately and have slacked off updating on M House....these photos are from Yoshi's last visit (beginning of  May)....oops!

M House is raised off the natural ground level by 1m, and with an entry door of a rather modest dimension.
In order to move in the wardrobes which are prefabricated in factory, this is what has happened.....

delivery truck has arrived outside M House


wow...this is a big one.....

.....more careful......

man... this is HUGE!

Come everyone!
(later on the joiners put a large piece of timber to span between the truck and the house over the fence......and "walked the plank" with furniture pieces)

all sitting silently in the bedroom

just installed.  looking very pretty (my nerdy love for plywood is showing..)

...open this way.....

...or open this way....!

19 May 2011

Can 100% sure be sure enough?

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After we have built the part mock-up of Uchi Lounge and tested in office, in order to be more sure and lighting effect, we built a full scale lightbox with cardboard to test the effect on site after majority of the wall painting was completed.

Our mock-up was one section of the actual lightbox, approximately 1.1m (L) x 1.4m (W) x 0.3m (D)....it was transported by cab from office in parts and assembled on site... does that sound like some DIY off-site prefabrication?!

Ben working away on the mock-up in the meeting room..... where is the meeting table?
on site we emerged from the dark....

5 May 2011

Who designed this cool shop?

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Sneakerology (photo: Katherine Lu)

ok...WE did...!

This is Sneakerology in the new Westfield Shopping Centre, Sydney.
We completed the design and documentation of it, and its sister store Streetology adjacent to it, end of 2009.   The two stores completed construction and opened end of 2010.

Yesterday we went in for a photoshoot.... I was feeling so proud....
I will talk about them in more details in a later post!

photoshoot in Streetology; our photographer Katherine looking through the finder

photoshoot in Streetology; there I was looking rather nervous.

3 May 2011

Studio SPEC published in Malaysia!

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Our project, Studio SPEC, is published in Space Magazine, Malaysia!

I am not sure if Space Magazine is selling here in Sydney (we have received our copy from the publisher in mail today), but if you happen to spot Issue 2011 #2, check out p114 - 117!