10 August 2014

Behind architecture

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Perfect weather...
ok I was busy last week so photos for this entry was taken before the typhoon reached Japan.
But isn't it beautiful!

Lets look at things we don't normally pay attention to when we drool over architecture...

notches in the footing beams are to allow flexibility in services ductwork under floor. Yes it adds to the construction cost, but considering how long a building will need to last, flexibility takes priority.

If you look hard enough, under the plastic covers the footings are lined with blue foam board insulations, ensuring temperature is not transmitted via structure and reduce efficiency of air-conditioning hence adding to environmental cost.

stair being casted in the last entry was already in use

formwork already up for next round of concrete pour.
Rigorous reinforcement throughly checked with tolerance of 2mm maximum.

5 August 2014

More greys....

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I have decided that this is my favourite view of the Doshisha site, so I will open the blog entry with it.

Looking from Chapel Building towards the Student Lounge Building
Footings are all poured, beautifully rectilinear.

So what is going on?
After variations of grey tones in the tile, now we need to decide on colour (a grey...which grey?...) of the grout.
The fine line of 4mm grout between tiles, when applied over 8m high, contributes quite substantially to the overall appearance of the wall.



The standard grout dimension is 5mm, we wrestled (mentally) with the contractor to get it down to 4mm (ok we wanted 3mm but that was not going to happen).
Does the 1mm matter? YES! 

Another important matter is casting stair going up to the Student Lounge.
The site boundaries are about 1m in height difference, as the result the ground level of the buildings are raised quite a lot above surrounding levels.

Very neatly wrapped to ensure surrounding walls do not get splattered concrete (which will make later tiling difficult)


 I  like how things are so dramatic on site.. there is a sense of urgency.