22 March 2012

First step from being a construction site to becoming a home

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This post was written back in mid January 2012....life gets busy, things keep on happening, and I never got around to finish it..
So here it is on Seatondale flooring.

Finally today we are starting on the corridor flooring. 
Although the timber boards themselves have been transported to site from mid-December, in order for the timber boards to accustom to the indoor condition, it was necessary to keep them on site for over 2 weeks before laying them in place.

Because we are installing flooring on top of the uneven concrete slab, firstly we have to start with building the levelled base.  The base battens were built with approximately 30cm spacing, but if they are not all at the same level, the finished floor will not be even at the end.  Like in the photos, line by line, the floorers patiently checked the levels.  It is a painfully time consuming process.  We really had a lot of respect for their professionality.

The first row.  If this one is not straight, everything else follows will not be straight.  The floorers set up the straight line with red laser light, and place the floor board parallel to it.  We could sense the seriousness of the floorers.

After confirming the first row, the floorers moved on to the second and third row swiftly. 

Normally, every 6 rows there will need to allow for an expansion gap of 2.4mm.  However because this is the corridor, so we decided to place the expansion gap in the centre of the corridor.  
Because timber is a living material, it expands and contracts according to the weather; this gap of 2.4mm absorbs this timber movement.

Here the corridor flooring is finished.  As we are using floorboards of 20mm thickness, simply by walking on the new floor, from the foot we can sense this specific feeling created by solid timber.  There are also timber flooring which is engineers and manufactured, which although tricks our eyes, it can not trick the feelings on our skin.  Our senses as human beings do not lie.

This is Ping Wong, the floorer we are working with this time.  We have worked with him on more than 3 projects so far.  We have requested him to carry out the sample test of different finishing paint.

This time we have decided to specify a water-based finishing paint.  
In order to make something good, it is essential to carry out analogue tests like this.

Japanese version of this post can be viewed HERE.

21 March 2012

Sneakerology on InDesign Live

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Sneakerology and the news of its Frame Moooi Award shortlisting is announced on InDesign Live.


Amongst the 10 shortlisted projects, we are the only one from Australia..

16 March 2012

Hello Philippe Starck!

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The Frame Moooi Award has announced the 10 shortlisted projects, amongst 891 submissions over 79 countries - and Facet Studio is in the top 10!!


Here is a description of the award from the designboom website:
the FRAME moooi award 2012 is hosted by dutch furniture company moooi in collaboration with FRAME magazine. it's the year’s biggest inaugural interior design award and will be concluded in milan during april’s salone del mobile fair.
the award celebrates the 10 years of production and exhibition activities of renowned design brand moooi. designboom has been the exclusive online media partner and a whopping 891 submissions were received by designers in 79 countries. ... participants were responding to the brief which asked designers and architects to submit interior space design along with furniture and lighting objects that were CUSTOM-developed in a worldwide context.
the contest has been judged by french designer philippe starck, he selected the shortlist with an anonymous approach, in that he didn’t know the designers’ names or countries of origins. ‘I’m often invited to judge competitions,’ he says. ‘I’m happy to say that the level of this one is clearly higher than average, a very nice surprise.’ the designs and their creators will be featured in the may/june issue of FRAME magazine.
Facet Studio custom designed "Shoe Box" for the project Sneakerology.
The 'Shoe box" is made of plywood and resin, each has its own dedicated light source to individually illuminate the displayed item.
The plywood wall of the box houses all the electrical wiring and structural fixing, which enables the "Shoe boxes' to be stacked together and to be structurally strong enough to resist people pushing against the stacked "Shoe Box" wall when it is used as partition screen or shop facade.

Here are a few links if you are interest to find out more about the Frame Moooi Award:



And to find out more about Sneakerology:

14 March 2012

Seatondale teaser

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A couple of weeks ago the photo shoot for Seatondale interior took place.

The weather held up..... the light condition was perfect.... and some samples of the photos came in.

(c) Story Photography

So here is one for your viewing pleasure.

We have been extremely busy lately, but will try to organise the photos so they can be updated in our website... keep an eye out!