31 May 2012

Milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile (cont.)

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Continuing on with Milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile from the last blog entry.

With the installations there has been a lot of play with lighting.  Here are a few memorable installations (for me)...

This installation at Canon has to be my favourite installation this year

Well there are very nice set ups for furnitures...

...and we did get to sit on some beautiful chairs... crisp lines, lovely geometry and refined details....

I would love to have one of these myself!

29 May 2012

Milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile

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On top of attending the Frame Moooi Award Gala Party, the other reason for us to visit Milan is the annual Salone del Mobile.
Here is a little extract from its official website:
The Salone del Mobile is the global benchmark for the Home Furnishing Sector. An invaluable tool for the industry as well as an ongoing, quite extraordinary promotional vehicle. The Salone made its first appearance in 1961, designed to promote Italian furniture and furnishing accessories on the export market, and it has continued to do so impeccably, ensuring that the quality of Italian furniture is known to all four corners of the earth, and continues so to do, with half of all its visitors coming from around the world...
...The 2012 edition was attended by 292,370 trade operators, 188,579 of whom came from foreign Countries; 39,279 members of the general public and 6,484 communication operators.
...was it strange to see "horsemen" on the streets of trendy Milan? ....I guess so.... but it is ok because it is the Salone!
It is a very special time for Milan - the air is vibrant, people are excited, streets are packed until late.

The exhibitions are scattered around the city, lots of rubbing shoulders with strangers.
All the exhibitors tried to catch people's attention in many ways ....
 one of the rest areas...yes you do get tired walking around, AND from over exposure to fine designs!

interesting screening device
 interesting furniture pieces...
wire frame bench changes colour when turned on different sides with beautiful shadow effect - intricate craftsmanship 
wall coat hanger (?)

I was noticing a lot of colourful "wire frame" designs.... is it a trend?

...to be continued..

16 May 2012

Frame Moooi Award Gala Party at Milan

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Following on from the earlier entry, me and Yoshi took the opportunity to visit Milan and joined the Frame Moooi Award Gala Party.
Another reason is to visit the annual Milan Salone, which I will cover in tomorrow's entry.

So the Gala Party took place at Milan's entertainment venue, Magazzini Generali (which apparently is one of the most famous night club at Milan. On our way there the taxi driver asked us if we were good dancers..).

at Magazzini Generali

Left: Marcel Wanders (Founder of Dutch furniture/ lighting company Moooi)
Right: Philippe Starck (French designer, sole jury of Frame Moooi Award 2012)

Starck talks about his doubts with role of design

Wanders presents the award

Our project Sneakerology presented on stage

The shortlisted nominees on the stage with Wanders and Starck
(I am 2nd from left, Yoshi is 4th from left in the photo)

Although we were top 10 in the 891 submissions, unfortunately we did not take the award home.. hey, there is always next year!