28 June 2011

Manpower! #2

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Following the last post, here is the process of hanging the extra extra long steel beams.
...did I mention that the steel beams weighed roughly 200kg each?......

one is up on one end..

..then the other end...

second one is up on one end...

temporary props. the beams can not be fixed to the wall directly at this moment as the junction between beam and wall is not right-angled - the beams need to be levelled as designed prior to permanent fixture

getting the other end up

firstly on the ladder (I remain amazed that the ladder did not collapse under the weight!)


slowly.......carefully......... (notice the temporary prop at this end)

builder Charles can even spare a hand to wave at the camera!

once both beams are propped up, our curious client Ohuchi had to come in to experience how the space would potentially feel like...

permanent fixture to one end 

fixing to the other end

longgg....... builder Ken checking our drawings to make sure things are done correctly before all fixed (before all is too late!) - good to cautious than sorry!

well.. from the outside you can't really tell what is going on inside hey!

24 June 2011

Streetology is on FRAME!

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While Sneakerology is enjoying some attention, its sister store, Streetology is making appearance on the famous Netherlands based FRAME magazine!

Read the article HERE.

Maybe learn Russian too?

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Sneakerology has been published on Russian online lifestyle magazine: ETODAY.
The article can be viewed HERE.

Russia......land of mystery.......

Etoday.ru is an illustrated online magazine, dedicated to presenting the top news stories and current events around the globe. The informative content of the web ezine is presented to its readers in combination with high quality, eye catching photos and illustrations.
Etoday aims to offer news highlights from the world of celebrities, fashion, cinema, music and art as well as sports, technology, automobiles, architecture, art, design and other hot areas of interest.

23 June 2011

The need to learn German...

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Our project Sneakerology is posted in the German online architecture magazine, ca-mag.de.

I must admit, it is interesting to see our project described in a language no one in our office can speak - considering we have a fairly broad linguistic capability this is a rather foreign, but pleasant nonetheless,  experience...!

The article can be viewed HERE.

22 June 2011

Sneakerology is on Dezeen!

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We are very excited that our project, Sneakerology, was published on Dezeen!
Read the actual article HERE.

Dezeen is UK based online design magazine with 2 million monthly visitors, and included in Time magazine’s Design 100 list of the most influential forces in global design, and in Design Week magazine’s Hot 50 list of key figures in design.

17 June 2011


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Referring back to the previous entry, this is how the extra extra long steel beams got through the narrow door at Uchi Lounge.....

truck delivery......

builder Charles: "... (what did I get myself into?"

builder Ken: "ok lets make sure it really is as long as it looks..."




"sorry people...we will be quick!"

little rest

...so we can keep going...!


narrowly passing the internal staircase to reach the restaurant space 

 tight squeeze!


careful.....lets not damage anything......


the little trolley was indeed very helpful!

one in, one more to go..

all in! just how do we store this for the time being?

Yoshi happily filming away

the FS clam...yaiii!

15 June 2011

One day outside Facet Studio

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Today we made a visit to The Brick Pit to pick some recycled bricks for Uchi Lounge project.

Uchi Lounge is a 2 storey restaurant, whilst ground floor is under renovation, the restaurant operates as normal on the upper floor, and vice versa.  Now that we are very close to the completion of ground floor, we need to start firming up on a few things for the upper floor design - brick selection is one of them.

As we are keen to continue the organic, deep atmosphere of existing Uchi Lounge within our new design, we proposed to use recycled brick which affords a sense of artistry and individuality.

So here is our day today..

upon arrival we were greeted (and overwhelmed) by tonnes of recycled bricks...being hand cleaned and slowly compiled into pallets.... how are we to find the bricks we want from here?!

we were shown around the compiled pallets; these yellowish sandstock bricks were from the Merrickville area - each area has different clays and as the result produces different characterised bricks

....there we ventured into an interesting world of recycled bricks.....

Keith from The Brick Pit was very passionate when it comes to the difference between modern bricks (the ones behind him) and the recycled bricks

Keith was very kind in showing us photos from some of their past projects

With the help of knowledgeable staffs, we were able to find from towering pallets of recycled bricks....

....our dream bricks for the project (by the way, these bricks are original sandstock from late 1800's, with a beautiful deep red hue... Can't wait to see them in Uchi Lounge!).

Afterwards, with full brain-ful of new brick knowledge but empty stomachs, we made a pitstop at Chinatown for Yum-Cha refuel session......

.....and back to the high-density FS office!