20 November 2013

M House on Designboom

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Our project M House has been published on Designboom!

I love this night shot..

Original article on Designboom HERE
Official page on M house with more pictures HERE
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11 November 2013

Meaningful Design in a Logical Way

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Facet Studio has been included in Shanghai's Designer & Designing magazine as one of the practices of outstanding young architects.

Multiple projects have been covered, including: Streetology, Blu Creativity, Watermoon, M House

The interview was named "Meaningful Design in a Logical Way", which I thought was apt for our approach and the Chinese translation was true to the original.  Overall, happy with the article.
And I must say it is flattering to know that people that far away are interested to hear about what we think of design and philosophies..





Cover of Designer & Designing Issue 65

6 November 2013

Heavy, delicate, plentiful

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The true test for Eki has begun.

Prefabricated steel panels were delivered, and our "thinking power" is to be put on trial (fingers crossed!).

With prefabrication, absolutely everything is in the head until the very moment it becomes reality, so we have to keep simulating situations in our head and find solutions that way before problems take shape. Especially with steel as there is so little can be done on site.


It was literally a truck-ful of panels... They were taken into the site one by one, heavy stuff.

We then went through all panels to measure and cross check against drawings, to understand the variations and tolerances. Turns out 3 panels were made incorrectly and one was missing... Good we found out early enough to rectify without holding up the project.

Panels were grouped according to types, each with "name tag" on it to make the builder's job a little easier... And to help him plan ahead. Most importantly is to avoid making mistakes...

So here's the "skeleton" we've prepared earlier...
Panels are forming part of the structure so the frames were propped on timber until fixed with panels.

Slowly, carefully, but surely, one by one....