8 January 2014

Higasa lamp on Designboom!

Our project Higasa lamp has been published on Designboom!

I have to make a special mention about the opening sentence:
The umbrella is a portable shelter
I like how it is straight to the point and pretty much summarises a large portion of the design intent.  Because it is a peculiar kind of thing to do, hanging umbrellas indoor where it does not rain.  But there are qualities of an umbrella - one made with Washi paper, and huge - which is beyond weather protection, which is what attracted and inspired us.  The sense of protection, light filtering quality of the material, delicacy of the structure, intimacy between individuals when sharing an umbrella... these are irrelevant of good or bad weather.

The umbrella strangely shares what "space-making" characteristic with the warmth of light; by combining the two, pockets of spaces are created instantly.  The combined coziness has a magical, calming effect on people.

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