4 March 2014

Doshisha SUBMISSION!!!

There is "submission', and there is "SUBMISSION!!!" ..

Here is one of the latter (scary) ones, it happened on February 21st for Doshisha's Council submission.  It is equivalent to Development Application and Construction Certificate combined here in Sydney, but even having 2 submissions combined here I do not recall seeing mountain-fuls of documentation....
and every page needed to be hand stamped.......

What is even more impressive is the processing time.
These documents once submitted, will be processed within 10 working days - comparing to the 40 working days given to local Councils here (by State Government) it is far more efficient, and in a way encourages development.

Herewith extract from Yoshi's email straight after submission:

We have lodged DA&CC today.
That was a big package….
<photo> is showing one set of Architecture, Service & Structure. We need to submit 4 sets here… (One for us)
Copy (this goes to client in the end)
Fire station (This is interesting)
our set
We need to stamp our registration number and (印鑑) every single pages… I don't want to do this again….

This is one single copy

 At the Council counter

head spin...

serious stuff here....

speaks volumn

stamping (twice!) on every single page of every copy

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