25 February 2011

Another day on site

Some M House updates from Yoshi, who is now in the snowy weather of Niigata, Japan ....looking out our office to see the perfect blue sky in Sydney, I don't envy him..... at all.....

out of Facet Studio office window....perfect blue sky in Sydney today

what a stark contrast with the Northern hemisphere winter! Yoshi was having meeting with our builder, Mr Otsuki, on M House site discussing about window frame details (see the sketch book in the foreground)

comparing the different grade of timber floor - there is a definite difference, although all samples are from the same timber specices

inside the house. Timber sub structure is installed for plasterboard wall finish installation later. The floor level inside the house is raised, and the heat generators will heat up the space below floor for even heat distribution in winter (the bottom of the timber sub structure is where the floor will be)

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