3 February 2011

M House Roof Up Ceremony 上棟式

Just like the title of this entry....ROOF IS UP!

There was a humble ceremony held on site on Jan 29, one reason is to celebrate a major milestone, and the other reason to pay regard, and pray to God for a safe construction through out.

the client and his wife to the left, with a small setup for the ceremony inside the house - undercover and away from weather

the roof is up - still waiting to install gutter and complete flashing, but it is up! we love the sharpness or the lines and the muted natural colour scheme of the material... window and door frames are also installed (visible behind all the scaffolding)

edge of the steel roof was manually folded on site in such precision and crispness. flashing is to go between the roof sheeting and top of the rafters

close up of the roof sheetings

inside view of the timber ceiling. skylight spans perfectly between 2 structural bays, as we have studied last year

component study model of the skylight, as of blog entry dated Nov 28 2010 ....yes I like it very much when things turn out the way we have designed...

view within the house... compare with the study model (below), as of blog entry Nov 11 2010

study model, photo dated Nov 11 2010

our excited and nervous clients.... it is becoming so real! so soon!

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