28 March 2011

Span of time

It seems like yesterday that we were still struggling with the concept design and brief clarification with the client for M House.... This must be how it feels like for the bride's father at the wedding... well, not quite, but close enough.

Bookshelf in M House is reaching completion, together with flooring and bedroom enclosure. Suddenly we can visualise the finish line of the project which has gone through a 2 year design phase.
Truth is, despite the natural disaster and subsequent nuclear threat in Japan recently, the construction is on schedule, and looking at finishing off in end of April - in one month time!

structure of the mezzanine floor a.k.a. bedroom ceiling

looking down from the study room, which is half level higher, down towards the living/ dining space

from inside the guest room through to the study room

slowly the bookshelf is filling in.....

junction at the bookshelf and bedroom ceiling 

gap in the floor to allow for heated air by underfloor heating to come through and heat up the house

with the multitude vertical supports in the bookshelf to hold up the mezzanine, the structure appears to be much more delicate and refined.

the gap at bottom of the bookshelf is also for underfloor heating

plywood flooring for the mezzanine over the floor structure

bookshelf becomes balustrade for the mezzanine
looking up the plywood from inside the bedrooms (below the mezzanine).  The plywood floor serves as the ceiling for the bedrooms

...... now the builders on site need to take their shoes off to enter the construction site, like entering into someone's house!! 

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