22 March 2011

From shell to house..

Welcome to Facet Studio's new blog site!  We have now moved everything from our previous Wordpress site, and will move older contents from the even earlier FC2 (Japanese) site so everything will be consolidated.  

It was terrible news about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan....our construction site located at Niigata (north of Tokyo, on the west side of the island facing Japan Sea) experienced a 6 degree shakedown, fortunately all workers on site were uninjured, and building fabric intact. 
We called the construction site thinking that there will be at least a day off for people to recover from the shock of earthquake.....well.....everyone was on site working as usual......

Here are some site photos from March 11 before the earthquake... M House is now slowly transforming from a building shell into a house with spatial definition.  We are very excited about the bookshelf construction - it is the structural element which in fact holds up the mezzanine level floor, hence defines the sleeping quarter within the otherwise open house.  

Internal perspective presented to client - the bookshelf is in the centre, running the entire length of the house.  It supports the mezzanine floor to the right, which also serves as the ceiling for the sleeping rooms below

Starting from building the main beam.  Again all hand notched for precise connection...

Main beam in the middle of the space...

Secondary beam between the rooms; it spans between the main beam and the perimeter wall.

The vertical elements of the bookshelf actually hold up the main beam as structural support

knocking the beam junction into place

where the main beam joins....

inside the sleep quarter.  Floor to the mezzanine above will for the ceiling.

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