27 January 2012

Painting and patching and painting..

Slowly but surely, Seatondale restoration is approaching a project milestone. 

Today (public holiday? What public holiday?!) the painters will wrap up by completing the 3rd coat of paint, leaving only the final coat and touch up to the timber work to do after the timber floor is polished.
Originally the interior was painted in a non-descriptive yellow, and touch of beige to the cornices.

The space was dim and aged.
We wanted a colour which will bring freshness and brightness into the space, something neutral to complement the new timber floor. After literally tens of colour studies, we settled on a subtle yet sophisticated combination of white and grey. 

...Here began our quest of THE white and THE grey....

Before we paint the entire house, we asked the builder to test the colours on a small area.
Paint samples always look different on the colour chips, the A4 brush out, and an actual wall, albeit being the same colour... Unfortunately the result will not be known until the completion, but we do our best to avoid any (unpleasant) surprise.

Here we go, the base coat!
With such huge walls, the painters must be getting a good workout!

After the first coat, the painters went around the timber work carefully with a brush rather than roller.
Timber works required a different kind of paint, and generally with slightly more "sheen" than the walls for ease of maintenance (leaves less finger marks on doors etc).

So this is where we are at today, the 3rd (final) coat....
I can hardly wait for the next step: floor polish!!!

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