18 January 2012

Sydneysider's way of crossing over

This is a little delayed, but definitely worth mentioning....
Sydney's fantastic New Year's Eve Fireworks!

Every year there are 2 sets of fireworks to celebrate the arrival of the new year: at 21:00 and 00:00.
This is taking into consideration families with children, so that the children can go to sleep earlier after the 21:00 fireworks, which lasts 7 minutes.
The 00:00 is an elaborate display of light, colour, texture, and sound in the night sky, lasts 12 magical minutes.
The fireworks dots along Parramatta river in several locations (I spotted 5 locations this year), and incorporates Sydney's iconic landmark - Sydney Harbour Bridge and its surrounding highrise buildings.

This year we gathered at the Facet Studio office for the 21:00 fireworks.
Thanks to the location and height we were able to see a good overview in the comfort of the office.

view from Facet Studio office window

But.. BUT!
Of course for the count down we need to be amongst the crowd!!

Here are some shots I took with my phone camera...it is really hard to convey the excitement..
May 2012 bring everyone happiness and peace.


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