26 August 2013

Overcoming adversities

Here is a follow up of Bay Road Hair Studio fitout...

The construction finished HERE, followed by a successful soft opening as planned.
A party with presentation was then held on site at Dec 8th 2012, the salon of 35sqm (including all the shampoo chairs etc) fit a hefty 20+ people at once!

Massive "thank you!" to our client, lovely Jason and Kana from Bay Road Hair Studio, fully supported and trusted us with a challenging proposal, given the numerous real constraints.

We have been recently interviewed by a magazine in China, one of the questions was: 
"What do you enjoyed the most in your work?"
Amongst a few "enjoyable moments", there was this one (if not THE one):
"At construction completion, when we share the excitement of having overcome adversities with the clients."

That was the moment.

Presentation time (with the original salon on the screen)

Q&A time

Party time!

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