12 August 2013

Calculated accidents

I thought it is about time to share some "behind the scene" of Blu Creativity.

It is a kind of project which comes across as "effortless", because that is what we try to achieve, a relaxed sense of resort escape - of course everything needs to look effortless!
....but is it really.... nah....never....

With Blu Creativity our aim is to create a "resort escape in the middle of the city", and we are approaching it in 2 ways:
1. by visualising natural phenomenon - wind;
2. by blurring the sense of boundary with layers of porous and translucent space divisions.

.... and whatever seems accidental.... was not.......

large model to study the spatial quality in detail...even the "jungle gym" and curtains were built 

testing relationship between overhead fan and curtain height: (from left to right) same height / curtain higher than fan / curtain lower than fan... truth be told, the way air moves is very different from what we expected... 
installing the fan
very organised and methodological welding process.... as welding was taking place on site to encase the existing heritage structure without touching it, a lot of care and precision was required
slowly....one by one..... lots of patience
setting out of joinery units by electrician and joiner...
all electrical work was concealed in joinery units so they had to work very closely
as with all old buildings, what looks square is never square., what looks straight is never straight
... it took a long time to determine what is "centre" in this context..
a sea of joinery....
huge waiting table was brought in in 2 pieces and joint on site.
all joinery were also designed with "holes" in them, so to not disturb the air movement

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