8 September 2014

Today on Doshisha site

After typhoon in Japan, construction has resumed as normal.
Some walls are up, some are going up.... 

The Doshisha project can be largely divided into 2 areas: 1. Chapel and 2. Student Lounge.
Chapel side includes chapel hall, meeting rooms, function spaces, whilst the Student Lounge side includes student lounge, exhibition hall, administration office, choir room.   

Construction completion is 2015 March in order to meet University semester opening (APR 01 in Japan), but the staff members need to be operational by then! 
It means the area for offices need to be prioritised in the construction, so it will be finished first - which is why the Student Lounge side is more advanced.

Here are photos from the weekend.

compare with August, we have gone up one storey..


footings no longer visible from the Student Lounge side

walls are up at the Student Lounge side

reinforcement and formwork are coming together for the Chapel side

...checking...more checking...

formwork for windows

this is the future administration office!

To find out more about Doshisha Chapel project click HERE

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