2 October 2014

Day 18 - let there be light

The site in Sydney is now 1/3 way through construction program.
Lots of unpredictable happened (which is predictable for a building of this age) but we managed to keep on track with the very tight program.
So this is where we are at....

from the front door - there is so much light after enlarging the openings 
the wall on the right of corridor is the original finish; the wall on the left has been stripped of the ornaments during construction but all timber architraves will be reinstated to maintain the heritage intactness of the corridor

connecting the 2 central room is the main operation ...to allow light and breeze to circulate within the apartment

this opening was blocked off for more than 30 years... we have now reinstated it

running electrical cables under the floor has been a difficult task because the floor joists are at different directions and are laid in individual rooms (so the space under the floor is interrupted at the walls by masonry plinths)

new central room by connecting 2 rooms.  Original plan was lacking hierarchy in space, almost like an assemblage of scattered rooms.  We try to introduce a "heart" into the planning where the rooms / spaces can "come off" from

the top of this window was covered for over 30 years.  It is nice to see how it is reinstated and is bringing so much light into the space 

at the sunroom, slanting window sills have been replaced by straight sills.  Aluminium windows will be replaced with sashless windows to provide uninterrupted view to the Bay....

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