20 January 2011

All up!

Everyone got so excited on site for M House, that they decided to finish the entire roof structure in total of 2 days! (it was scheduled to be finished tomorrow...but it was already done yesterday 10am.....)

These photos are about 1 day old, right now the builders are putting up ceiling lining in timer, which also acts as bracing for lateral stability of the roof rafters.

It is quite an amazing experience for us (can you feel my excitement? I hope you can!) that something we have drawn is getting built RIGHT THIS MOMENT (which is exciting enough as it is, as always...) somewhere across the other side of the world, to the precision that we have requested and specified down to millimetres.  Although it is common that architects design from overseas these days, but the normal practice of making that happen is to engage a local architect to handle the daily occurrences on site, as well as corresponding with builders.  The way we are doing is not so common.....in fact, it is unheard of for me......but then it is the way to ensure delivery of quality we proud ourselves of.

good weather in the morning, everyone on site was excited and speeded through most of the rafters

view from inside the house. It looks just like our perspective (below)!

internal perspective presented to client

junction at rafter and plinth

end piece of the roof rafter. the timber batten on the ridge of roof rafter is the temporary bracing and will be removed once the timber ceiling lining is in place. it is important to ensure safety throughout construction.  weather was starting get bad, luckily it was all done!

can I say I love it? I LOVE it....!

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