25 January 2011

After throwing away concrete there is throwing away barrier.....捨てバリ

Admittedly I have experienced a cultural shock (amongst many others.. during this construction process) when I received these site images few days ago.

We received a call from our concerned client of M House, regarding the bad weather and how the beautiful timber roof structure was getting wet on site.

So this is what happened as the result.....

when we requested for the roof structure to be covered up before the roof goes up, we imagined a tent-like effect, like, one big sheet of plastic over the entire house......BUT... ended up each and every roof rafter was individually wrapped....can you imagine the amount of labour and material went in the "gift wrapping" of roof structure...... unfortunately the site is at a high wind area, therefore the plastic sheeting will be blown off in no time if we are doing a big tent.....

laying the ceiling timber in stripes of 90mm wide boards...like putting up timber flooring on the ceiling......very labour intensive.... in the snow........

the black material is nicknamed "sutebari - 捨てバリ" ("barrier to throw away"), it is waterproof membrane made of modified bitumen/ asphalt (SBS or SBR). By adding polymer or rubber to the straight asphalt, it counters some of the classic problems of the material such as longevity, cold temperature tolerance etc. This layer was to go onto the roof, probably 2 or 3 steps after the timber ceiling (the roof battens, insulation, and then waterproof membrane) but we now have to put this extra layer down to protect the timber ceiling from bad weather.  Because it is only for temporary purpose, it is "the barrier to throw away"

view from inside of the house under the timber ceiling. originally we have selected a timber ceiling board of almost double the width, but when we saw the timber samples, the colouration was much more pink than the rafters.  Considering the colour compatibility and balancing cost, we ended up changing to this 90mm width format....which means double the work........ how we love our builder.......!

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