15 January 2011

colourful cats and spiky openings

Yesterday we have received photos of M House in the snow....deep deep snow.

Don't you just love the quirky Japanese? to stop people from trespassing the site they have employed bright orange cats to scare people off.....

Well, back to work.

So the builders have removed the formwork around window openings today. Given the building was covered in snow and temperature lingering around 0 degree, there really isn't much to be done on site.... so everyone was in the factory chopping up timber roof rafters....

the green panels on the wall are the styrofoam insulation panels, casted in together with the concrete. I wonder why people in Sydney don't do this? it makes things much easier, all done in one go.

can you see the spikes to the inside of the opening? They were there to hold down the formwork, and will be removed with force...literally....with hammers....one by one....

here you can see how the insulation panels are casted in with concrete at the opening.  Bottom of the opening is slightly slanted for future installation of flashing underneath window frames, allowing water to drain out if in any case water was trapped in the frame.  This will prevent leakage at window and damage to window frame.

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