28 April 2011

Nostalgia nostalgia

It is always a challenge, to work on something that is already very nice in a non-descriptive way... Here we have one.

We were approached by Uchi Lounge in Sydney to work on the interior renovation, so we went for dinner to observe how things are.
It is tucked away in the lane way for people who are looking for somewhere to temporarily hide out from the noise of the world.  The inside space is architecturally unadorned, but the atmosphere is organic and relaxing, somewhere really comfortable and safe, with a sense of nostalgia...I guess that is why it is where local celebrities chose to hang out.
The owner of Uchi Lounge is an artist who produced most of the artworks in the space.  Oh and have I mentioned the food? ...man... so good....

Now we are faced with the challenge to create something sensitive and just as "comfortable".....Well, guess we will know soon enough as we are going into construction next week!

Here are some photos of the existing condition..

the street facade
entry stairwell
the unusually large, long bar
looking back out to the street

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