16 August 2011

Celebration for..?

Seems like we have started another Facet Studio ritual here since JJ has joined us.
Yesterday we had another afternoon tea session with his weekend creation - a lovely pumpkin and coconut tart!
Soon we may need to start a new section in our blog for his baking recipe...
Anyhow, in search of a reason to celebrate, SooJin nominated the Korean Independence Day, August 15th... 
So here we go! Celebrating the Korean Independence Day!

beautiful pumpkin and coconut tart 
...together with SooJin's cookies...

Here is a little extract on Korean Independence Day:
The official Independence Day of South Korea is celebrated on 15th August, though the actual day of independence was on August 13th 1948. The official date which is 15th August, 1945 was not the day the South Koreans attained final autonomy from Japan. It was only on 13th August, 1948, that South Korea was fully liberated from any sort of outside administration. For political reasons, first President of the country I Seung-man, chose 15th August, instead of 13th as the official Independence Day of South Korea. 
It is interesting how the boundaries between countries are becoming less and less defined.  I take it as a positive movement forward.
And how do we incorporate the different cultural backgrounds, and influences, to form a new thinking process hence a new design approach, is something we contemplate a lot here given the multicultural nature of our office.

Anyhow, lets enjoy teatime!

To read more on Korean Independence Day, here are some links:
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