17 July 2012

Day 12 - day before soft opening...

Day 12 into construction - the day before soft opening of Bay Road Hair Studio, the air was tense on the construction site.

As the salon is quite popular and already has plenty of bookings on the 13th day from construction commencement, we had to have majority of "big item" construction done by then. Afterwards there will be bits and pieces to tidy up the loose ends during the routine day-offs.

The day started with builders completing ceiling tiles from 6am, whilst plumbers installing shampoo chairs from 8am.

Joinery units started arriving late morning (notice the microwave oven amongst the carcasses? They always bring it for heating up their own lunches on site!)

Electricians arrived on site about the same time to finalize cabling. Mirrors came around 3pm. It was the highest population density ever since construction commencement!

Clients and their family arrived around 6pm (when we went out to get dinner for the builders) to prepare the salon for soft opening on the next morning... Moment of truth!
Luckily the clients were very pleased with the massive transformation within such little time, and swiftly progressed onto cleaning and stocking up the salon whilst the builders were finishing up with the track installation.

We left just before midnight.. The construction site would be a operating hair salon in a few hours...!!!

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