12 July 2012

Day 11

The clients of Bay Road Hair Studio returned from overseas, 11 days into construction.

It was a long day..

Starting from 8am, electricians came in to reinstall air conditioning and started to cable through the joinery units installed the day before.
At the same time, builders started their day with repairing and leveling ceiling grid - the existing ceiling grids are still in production now in a superficially similar but structurally different way, hence the new grid hangers needed to be adjusted one by one in order to securely clip the existing grids. At the same time the delicate grids were levelled with laser and carpenter's line, bit by bit... Patience is the key.
In the afternoon the builders installed additional structural framing for sliding tracks (have a guess, what are the tracks for?)
They then painted the new ceiling tiles and grids into a grey we specified to complement the floor and wall tiles, whilst the tilers came back to grout the walls.
2 coats of paint for the ceiling tiles were completed around 9pm and left to dry overnight.

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