19 July 2013

Teatime at Facet Studio - Toraya とらや

Downside of having international projects... is the traveling between seasons... good that most of the time it is Yoshi doing the flying around, and we benefit from the result - yummy desserts for tea in the office!

Having mentioned Kyoto's Toraya in the last blog entry, I felt it is suitable to start this new series of blog entries on "Teatime at Facet Studio" with the confectionery artists serving the Japan Royal Family since the 16th Century.

Toraya 虎屋 strictly follows the tradition of wagashi (Japanese dessert), in the "Art of the Five Senses" - Appearance, Taste, Texture, Scent, Sound. Every piece of wagashi is a piece of artwork.

What is important to us is, enjoy all aspects of life.... when we enjoy our teatime, we enjoy all aspects of the dessert too.

traditional Toraya packaging

Season Special "Kaze no Kaori"
季節の羊羹 ”風の薫”
it was inspired by the summer wind which brings the smell of grass in the sun and the glittering crops in the wind 

Season Special "Hina Goromo"
季節の羊羹 ”雛衣”

It was inspired by the beautiful dresses of the ladies in the royal family, each layer is a different flavour

This is a young me looking at a young Yoshi muscling with the jumbo youkan
The Toraya staple: Yoru no Ume 夜の梅

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