4 December 2013

It is people that makes the world go around

Meeting after meeting after meeting...

Our Osaka office has been very popular lately graced by many visitors! I think it was the ceiling manufacturer and timber supplier in the morning, concrete block manufacturer in the afternoon, and more. Doshisha Chapel Complex is now marching into the final crunching phase before tender package submission, for which we have temporarily merged our Sydney and Osaka office to operate from Osaka until mid December.

For this project many items are specially developed rather than off the shelf, which is why a lot of help was required of the manufacturers/ suppliers. (Can catch glimpses of the full scale mock ups in the photos..) They have been extremely helpful, even it can not be promised that they will get the project commission as we are going into tender and it's in the hands of the successful tenderer .. What I found is, sharing the vision is beyond important. If people see the same vision, they are a lot more excited and willing to participate.

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