17 November 2010

How many ways to break into 4?

Due to cost issues, the triangular glazing at the end of the roof space, instead of being frameless, it is now divided up by mullions........but how?

Apparently, according to calculation, the minimum glass sections we need to have for this triangular glazing area is 4 - if we want to have less, say 3 sections, then the price doubles.

how many ways can we break a triangle into 4 sections?

We had a few concerns..

1. will the mullions look like they are supporting the roof hence impact on the effect of floating roof? - with the dimension of the mullion (60mmx60mm), it will be unlikely.

2. will the verticality of the mullions conflict with the other geometries of the wall (eg, other windows)? - unlikely....after trying other geometries, diagonals etc, it is best to stay simple...

3. if we have a mullion at the centre of the triangle, will it disturb the other internal alignments (eg, bookshelf, roof rafters), should we mis-align them intentionally? - maybe.  however by breaking into 4 sections, it is difficult to avoid having mullion at the central location, unless if we go with odd numbers. but after trying out 5 sections, the number of mullions become more overpowering than the alignment.  In this case we have to go with the "better" option, if we can not have "best" (which is frameless)

breaking the glass into 4 sections

breaking the glass into 5 sections

So the verdict is....4 sections with vertical mullions.

In the end, the feature is the roof rafters.  Everything else needs to be suppressed to enhance that hierarchy otherwise the feature becomes lost.

With so much happening on site, we are racing with time!

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