12 October 2011

Contemplating "-ology"

We have received our copy of the very first issue of Casa+Living magazine from Malaysia!  With both Sneakerology and Streetology included.

I quite liked the way Angeline from the editorial has written about and annotated our projects.. The article is titled: "Because Sneakers Are a Specialised Study of Their Own - 因為運動鞋也是一門學問", which captured the idea behind Sneakerology.

Basically, we were quite stuck for inspiration at the beginning of the design process. Back then, the shops had no names, we were obscurely designing a teeshirt shop and a sneaker shop. It is when we pressed the client to name the shops, and he decided on "Sneaker-ology" for the sneaker shop, we were finally able to capture a glimpse of a world that we were about to create - where sneaker advocates can learn about history and design of their loved sneakers, much like a museum, where knowledge can be gained.  Therefore each shoe is displayed in their own box, equipped with their own light and own assigned number, to draw attention to their individuality yet together the 281 shoes in a homogeneous system create a space of illuminance and euphoria.

From there we also named the teeshirt shop "Streetology".  It is a shop to reflect the study of street trends by visualising the commercial activity within the store - the stocks are on display; when one item is bought, it disappears from the display, hence creates a pattern as the result of demand.

Thank you Casa +Living magazine for the opportunity to participate in your very first issue ever, and I wish all the best to your publication!


  1. is sneakerology and streetology are a same store

  2. Sneakerology and Streetology are 2 stores linked together, selling different merchandises (Sneakerology sells sneakers, Streetology sells tee-shirts and accessories) but owned by the same owner.