15 January 2015

Doshisha working through Christmas break

Over the quiet period of Christmas / New Year, Doshisha Chapel Complex at Kyoto continued to push on and is developing at a steady pace.

Here are some updates.

from the main campus boulevard, external tiling almost finished.. such beautiful lighting effect on the facade.

...same view of the design rendering - taking shape!!

marble on back wall of the Student Lounge installed, skylight above is visible, ceiling battens are also in place. Services underfloor (mainly air conditioning) can be seen through the floor framing.  With big volume like this, it is more energy efficient to control temperature from floor where it is closer to the people occupying the space (rather than projecting air from above).

standing on the water feature between Student Lounge (L) and Chapel (R).  Custom-made hollow concrete blocks are almost completed.
...this is similar view in render, except here we stand inside the Student Lounge not on the water....

reverse view from the above,  looking back into Student Lounge, exhibition display cases are in place.  

slender steel columns continues across the central walkway into the Chapel on the other side.

Chapel side is catching up....

entry hall to the Chapel with wall tiles almost finished.

waterproofing the roof!

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