20 March 2015

Doshisha obtained Occupational Certificate!

During the past week there have been several authority inspections and defect inspection from us happening at Doshisha.
We have successfully obtained Occupational Certificate from Kyoto Council on MAR 19 - this formally marks the completion milestone of the project.

What is now left are documentation of as-built building for record purpose, and finalising paperwork with Doshisha University.... a little bit of breather after the climax va-va-voom.

A glimpse of the past few days:

Fire department briefing in the morning before inspection

Rooftop equipment safety inspection

Lift inspection...

Weights used to test lift loading

Our Kyoto office....  All these mockups, of ceiling (right top), of wall tiles (back)...and perspectives on the wall...even original competition entry plan is on the wall.
I was asked the question at an interview: "How do you feel when the finished project looks different from your design?"
My answer was: "But it always looks just like how we designed! That is the reason we are involved, to build what we designed, what we promised; we don't design something that can not be built.  And that feels great to see it coming to life."

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