4 December 2010

Making of Phamish - Part I

While we are approaching end of 2010 a.k.a. 2 years birthday for Facet Studio, I will be putting up some construction photos of older projects.

Found some old photos on Phamish construction....it feels like a long time ago!  Lets have a look of the process the panels went through...

The client approached us with an existing restaurant, requesting for "feature" incorporating "chrysanthemum" and "gold".  "Red" is the image colour of the restaurant with 10 years continual popularity, one hidden task for us is to inject a new image without sense of abruptness, and without interrupting operation of the restaurant operation.  Together with public holiday, restaurant weekly day off, and weekend, we had 3 days on site for construction.

original site condition

original site condition

The design process started about 8 months before the actual construction, to plan everything out.

As we have had extremely limited space to work with, we started by thinking that if the “new image” we were creating not only serves as graphic design, it would be fantastic if it could also contribute in creating a sense of expansion in space.

From here we focused on the “partition” as a system which softly defines the spaces and is widely utilised in Asia, then decided to randomly locate five “partitions” which features both “chrysanthemum” and “gold”.  As a result a space was formed between “partition” and the existing walls, which is where people can feel the sense of depth.  Furthermore, by dividing the chrysanthemums into five panels, the void between the sliced-open chrysanthemums gives room for more imaginary chrysanthemum to form in the human brain.

original perspective presented to client for design sign off.  We proposed partition system with laser cut chrysanthemum artwork to juxtaposition the solid and void for a rich lighting effect, and to stimulate people's imagination
We were inspired by Chinese traditional paper cutout for the chrysanthemum patterns. After going through several options of patterns, studied on perspectives, and settled on one design.  We then transformed the design to a suitable format in preparation for laser cutting.  Original artwork (c) Facet Studio

panels are being prepared for applying brass florentine after laser cut.

the brass was applied to the laser cut panels, then aged with patina and polished back

panels were delivered on site

first panel was up very soon. this panel has little issue with rear access so was relatively straightforward

while the first panel was being installed, we started installing new spot lights on the other side of the shop

electrician working to minimise the amount of cords visible. This is the difficulty with retrofitting or working within existing context.... we had to go under existing timber floor, and trim part of the light fitting to bring cables through.

new spot lights installed, equally distributed along the bottom of the wall.

now we can start installing panels on the other side.....but the distance between the ceiling and the floor is much smaller ....the panel is too long for the space..

unfortunately the panels had to be trimmed on site.

...now it fits!

one by one, panels were installed with some minor adjustments

all installed!

end of the day, client came for a visit. We all sat in the restaurant after 2 long days.... this was after a long 8 months of design, tender, studies, finally we sat in the space we have been imagining....(sigh with satisfaction)

Tomorrow I will talk about the lightbox ...another battle in Phamish!

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