22 October 2010

M House submitted!

Our latest architectural project in Japan, M House, has finally submitted Confirmation Application to local authority yesterday!

(To all our fellow architects in Sydney, Confirmation Application in Japan is equivalent to a combined DA and CC here)

After 2 years of design development, tender negotiation and structural collaboration, the work-on-paper phase is now officially stepping into history, and Hello! the real world starts.

Latest study model of M House. We use this 1:20 model to study the effect of natural light entering the house, aesthetic quality of the roof structure and height relationship between floor levels.

The main element of the house is its roof - we try to capture the imagery of ideal (or kitsch to a certain extent) family life of "everyone living under the big roof" by incorporating the most recognisable shape of a stereotypical house, and floating the exposed timber structure roof over masonry walls.

Through the long 2 years process, admittedly the design has gone through phases (...and phases..and phases...) of changes, but the roof remains the unchanged focus point.

one of the earlier design models- this was presented at the first design presentation to client. Roof was concrete and asymmetrical due to internal spatial arrangement.

Perspective at the tendering stage. Decking in the foreground is now removed and opening size reduced - but it in fact helped to deal with some articulation and solar access issues. Bounding wall to the right is now timber instead of concrete.

M House is looking at completion in March 2011.

Demolition starts this Friday (which is...tomorrow!) and we will keep you posted with the latest news from construction site....how so exciting!!

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