26 July 2011

Qingdao 15th Street

Is this a cake?

...If it is, after flying across half of the world I think it may not taste that good...

We are recently engaged to work on Qingdao 15th Street, in the town famous for Tsingtao Beer in China (Qingdao is an alternative spelling for Tsingtao).
A *very rough* idea about the project, is to create a "Japan Town" in Qingdao, which boasts a Japanese population of some 30,000.  
It is funny in a way; the other day we have just made an observation that in Sydney, there are "hubs" for people with different cultural backgrounds (eg, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Greek, Lebanese.. the list goes on) owing to the multicultural character of Sydney, but Japanese tend to be a lot more dispersed.  I wonder why.

Anyhow, this is what is in the box...

1:50 partial model

Aerial view of the 1:50 model

1:200 overall model

This is JJ who recently joined the Facet Studio team, these beautiful models were crafted by him

carefully packed for transport, to take to initial concept presentation at Qingdao... cotton balls all over the place....

Viola! Wish us luck!!

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