4 September 2011

It's a wrap! at Uchi Lounge

After the wrap-up dinner at Uchi Lounge on Friday, I felt we can finally call it a completed project.

(Read more about Uchi Lounge HERE - I aim to write about it more in the following few entries)

The team (from left): Raymond (electrical), Jackson (electrical), JJ (FS), Olivia (FS), Yoshi (FS), Charles (builder), Ken (builder)

A few Facet Studio members worth mentioning, and have sadly left Facet Studio before the wrap-up party, are as below.

Big "Thank You!!!" to you all:

Disheng Neo (left), Benjamin Chan (right) - on site light testing

Neo and Ben testing out the lightbox prototype in Facet Studio office

SooJin Hwang - brightening up the construction site with her pink jacket on the right..

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