20 September 2011

Paddling under water

With the media coverage we have been thankfully receiving, seems as though the architectural profession is a lot more glamorous than how it really is! 

Well, lets not get too ahead of ourselves.. architecture is a tough profession and will always be. Continual stubbornness in digging further and further for the right answer, and the endurance required for this perseverance, is something we never forget and always puts in practice.

Last week we have submitted a competition entry (details will be disclosed next month). 
After days and days of long - at times seemingly endless - hours, we have achieved a scheme we believe answers the brief and locale, with a right amount of poetry to finish off with a sweet aftertaste.

JJ had the biggest workspace in the entire office, taking over every available flat surface for model making

Yoshi taking photos of the model for presentation boards


ok, something was wrong with the camera setting, everything came out over-exposed.. I was not intentionally hiding images of the model!

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