25 June 2012

Facet Studio Office Warming Party

2 weeks ago we had a party to celebrate the completion of our new office.. it was fantastic to see so many friends at the same place mingling together, and definitely has warmed up the space for us!

We started preparation around 2 hours before the party was starting... other than Phin who had a clear idea of what she was going to make, due to an extremely busy week the conversation at that point in time was more like: "lets make some canapes" "sound good! but what is canape?" "let me google it.."

But hey! it was all part of the fun!

Ready for the party?!
Phin making dumpling from scratch, JJ is there to help
Mariona and Spanish omelettes
friends started to arrive for the night
students from UNSW also joined us
amazing how many people we managed to fit in the space!
Yoshi starting to look drunk...
it was incidentally last day of Phin's internship with us.. we are going to miss her, especially Mariona!
Oops.....I was caught stealing a bite....
Lets not forget about JJ's famous cheesecake!
And here comes the secrete entertainment of the night!!

an excited crowd!
mission accomplished! Facet's Jamsession

Special thanks to Shunsuke for training Yoshi to dance and organised the T-shirts in a flash!! Well and of course for the fantastic breakdance!
(There was in fact an extended encore after this video was taken..)

happily drunk...
after party anyone?
Thank you everyone for coming, it was great to see you all and we should do this again!!

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