17 June 2012

Vivid Sydney 2012

The Vivid Sydney 2012 has just closed on June 11.
(Here is a post on Vivid Sydney 2011)

With the amount of work and crazy rain, I thought I was sure to miss out... luckily I was able to make it on its closing night (during the one hour it did not rain!).

Here are some photos .. the display of light (and great integration with soundtracks this year) has become increasingly elaborate and choreographed, challenging the limitation of light and colour project in its capability of creating illusions and expectations.

Again I am reminded, we are living in a beautiful city.

crawling on the Opera House sails...
 ...or turning into Transformer....

the newly renovated Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)
the newly renovated MCA - somehow reminds me of one scene from Batman 
...driving through a tunnel of flourishing Van Gogh...
...or looking at city scape from above, while standing looking at Custom House's facade... 
which then sprouts into cheerful flowers
(I am still trying to work out how to upload my video of the Custom House projection from Youtube to the blog... I guess that will happen in due course)

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