8 November 2012

Burning midnight oil

What happened with time?!
It's November already!!

Finally we are starting the bumping in for IDEA 2012 tomorrow at Seymour Centre....
And this is how the Facet Studio office looked like today during the last day of off-site preparation... Yes, a complete mess!

IDEA 2012 Gala Party will take place on November 9th.
Last year we flew down to Melbourne to pick up the trophy for Sneakerology/ Streetology (Best Retail Design winner), this year on top of nominations in 4 categories, we are also designing the actual venue.
All in all, nervous but exciting.

At the same time, SL Dental has started construction.
Due to numerous restrictions, the builders have been working in the wee hours of 17:00 ~ 24:00.
This kind of works in with my schedule quite well, that I can ride past the construction site on my way home almost everyday.
More on this a bit later... After I survive this week of IDEA...

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