3 October 2013

Anomaly Launch!

Anomaly's very first collection was launched on October 2nd 2013.

Facet Studio's "Coexistence" furniture series is included in the inaugural collection by Anomaly, make sure you check it out while you are in the neighbourhood!

Showroom at: 104 Oxford Street (cnr Palmer) from 2 October - 17 November

To find out more about the "Coexistence" furniture series HERE.

buzzing atmosphere at the launch party!

"Coexistence" coffee table (left) and dining table (right) in front of the Anomaly sign



and we design this one as well!  Pop up bar for prestigious Scotch brand - Balvenie.
Best Scotch I have ever had. Honestly.
I need to blog about this one too (mental note)

curious people walking past on Oxford Street
"Coexistence" bar stool (left) and bedside table (right) 

chatting away with Anomaly's Kris (yes it is me with my big green shopper...):
"....next time we should try..."

catching up with Balvenie's Mark ....

Mark: "hmmm.......I definitely want one of these...."

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