14 October 2013

Different trade

For the project Eki, we have been challenging prefabrication and customised fabrication...

Although we have been working a lot with timber prefabrication, the new field for us this time is steel manufacturing.
Major difference between steel and timber prefabrication is the flexibility to modify on site - with timber, it is a fairly flexible and workable material; with steel everything pretty much need to be spot on and there is very little can be done on site.  Hence the importance of prototyping.

For a small (but of vital importance) fixture we are designing for Eki's display system, I took a road trip (can I exaggerate any more?) to Sydney's South West and visited the metal workshop.

It is important for us architects to gain a good understanding of how different trades work... where did I hear this from?

"In order to design well, one needs to feel the weight a tradesperson carries"

fantastic blue sky.
Thanks to Joe from Impact Metalworks for picking me up from the station!

intimate workshop


bending ...

pressing ...

hammering ...

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