6 November 2010

Approved!!!!!! M House

We just received a call from our builder in Japan...... M House Confirmation Application is approved!!

Big thanks to the lovely guys from Tanimura Construction in Japan for managing the submission process locally, and have already sent us the construction programme.

the construction programme....everything becoming more and more real!

As opposed to Australian (NSW) submission system, in Japan the submission is combined rather than 2 fold, and is a lot more demanding in terms of submission material and calculations.  It is not dissimilar to the Compliant Development Certificate the State Government is promoting now in NSW, with the regulations more concentrating on numerical compliance rather than performance argument.

In a way the process becomes more straight-forward and impersonal, which enables a speedy assessment / approval process, and eventually a fast construction turn over.

According to the programme, the house is scheduled to complete end of April 2011.. Foundation construction and services embedment happening from Monday next week (08 Nov)... How exciting!

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