28 June 2011

Manpower! #2

Following the last post, here is the process of hanging the extra extra long steel beams.
...did I mention that the steel beams weighed roughly 200kg each?......

one is up on one end..

..then the other end...

second one is up on one end...

temporary props. the beams can not be fixed to the wall directly at this moment as the junction between beam and wall is not right-angled - the beams need to be levelled as designed prior to permanent fixture

getting the other end up

firstly on the ladder (I remain amazed that the ladder did not collapse under the weight!)


slowly.......carefully......... (notice the temporary prop at this end)

builder Charles can even spare a hand to wave at the camera!

once both beams are propped up, our curious client Ohuchi had to come in to experience how the space would potentially feel like...

permanent fixture to one end 

fixing to the other end

longgg....... builder Ken checking our drawings to make sure things are done correctly before all fixed (before all is too late!) - good to cautious than sorry!

well.. from the outside you can't really tell what is going on inside hey!

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