2 June 2011

M House - DONE!!!!!

We are proud to announce...... M HOUSE IS COMPLETED!! (*scream with excitement*)

M House has successfully obtained 確認済証 ("kakuninsumi shou" = Occupational Certificate in Australia) on May 27th, and construction team has cleared out of the house completely.
Construction was officially launched October 23rd 2010, the entire construction period was 7 months despite the heavy snow and earthquake.
It feels a little sentimental, especially with a project which has been around for such a long time (it is as old as our practice!) to see it finally becomes an individual identity; I guess this feeling will be even stronger when the M family moves into their new home!

Here we have some photos taken by our multi-talented builder, Otsuki san.... they are so good that we can probably save on professional photography?!

our familiar shot.  Question: "where was Otsuki san standing when he took this photo?"
view from inside the entry box ("genkan") to the outside through main entry door
the deck viewed from outside entry door

view from the street (compare this with the last photo)

view of the deck at night
view from street

good bye! old M House!

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